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4-2 Main Road Vellamadam,
Kanyakumari District,
Tamil Nadu 629302.

Who We Are

RR Latex is a well-established, credible and integrated firm involved in the manufacturing of medical gloves comprising of dynamic vibrant professionals with a wide variety of skills and experiences having unique approach to view current needs of the medical industry. We are rapidly growing to meet the day to day needs of the health sector thereby improving our perspective every day.

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Superior Fit and Comfort

Latex gloves are known for their snug fit, conforming closely to the hand, which enhances dexterity and reduces hand fatigue. They offer a comfortable wearing experience for healthcare professionals, allowing them to perform intricate tasks with ease.

Finger and palm micro-textured

Finger and palm micro-textured latex surgical gloves and latex examination gloves offer enhanced grip and control, improving precision and reducing the risk of slippage, thereby increasing safety and efficiency in medical procedures and examinations.

Tactile Sensitivity

Latex gloves offer excellent tactile sensitivity, allowing healthcare professionals to feel even the smallest textures, edges, or irregularities. This sensitivity facilitates precise handling of instruments and delicate tissues, ensuring accurate diagnoses.

Excellent Barrier Protection

Latex surgical gloves and latex examination gloves provide an effective barrier against pathogens, bacteria, and contaminants, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection transmission during medical procedures and examinations.

Elasticity and Durability

Latex gloves are highly elastic, providing a stretchable yet resilient material that resists tearing or punctures. This durability ensures that the gloves maintain their integrity throughout procedures, minimizing the risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances.


Latex surgical gloves and latex examination gloves are generally more affordable compared to other glove materials, making them a cost-effective choice for healthcare facilities without compromising on quality and safety.

checking for viruses by wearing san gloves on hands

San Glove for Superior Protection

RR Latex located in Vellamadam, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu, has been known for unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction in the making of latex surgical and examination gloves. We are an acclaimed firm with a well-versed crew and a reputation for creating effective safety products using innovative technology for the protection of front line care givers. It is this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. .

Experience the Full Spectrum of Hand Care Solutions with San Glove, Designed to Deliver Exceptional Protection and Comfort.

Superior protection, excellent dexterity, amazing fit

doctors using san glove at operation theater
a lady doctor using san glove at operation theater perfect fit san gloves on hands

Find The Right Glove for You

Trust in our hands that makes the smoothest, soft and sensitive pair of gloves which will guarantee you superior protection. Our surgical gloves are designed anatomically for a perfect fit with elevated thumb position which gives you a structured yet optimum fit.
Superior protection
Perfectly micro textured
Better grip and perfect fit
Anatomically shaped curved finger design

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